david pye - rebana loops

fragment 1 program note

rebana loops had its inception in various aspects of Indonesian music, particularly in the technical aspects of the Javanese rebana players.

The rebana is a small, exceedingly simple, hand drum found in a number of Javanese folk percussion traditions. It is not a solo instrument, but when combined in groups (usually of three or four, but occasionally many more), it revels in creating music of great excitement and interest through the use of short interlocking patterns, rapidly changing & contrasted dynamics and tonal contrasts in the playing techniques used. . Each player plays quite simple patterns which interlock, often canonically at the interval of an 8th or 16th note and at great speed. The result is a high energy music which I find exhilarating to listen to and very challenging to play!

The application of these techniques to contemporary instruments of quite a different kind was the source of inspiration for much of rebana loops. The work is dedicated to Western Australia’s Tetrafide Percussion in whom I find the same spirit and energy, sheer enjoyment of music and sense of fun that I have so often found amongst my Indonesian musical colleagues.

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