their kind of moon


marimba [A1 - C6]
5 temple blocks
CD [prerecorded frogs]




AUD 40.00

program note

their kind of moon was commissioned by percussionist Louise Devenish in 2007 [with financial assistance from ArtsWA]. It forms part of a larger (as yet unwritten) percussion-theatre work exploring the relationship between percussionists, frogs and madness. The title of the work is drawn from a poem written by the Western Australian poet, Kevin Gillam, at the request of the composer as an inspiration for this work.


David Pye's Their Side of the Moon was a delightfully quirky effort, Conroy playing marimba and a set of wooden temple blocks to synchronise with pre recorded sounds of frogs (and what an unexpectedly varied series of croaks and clicks we heard here).

The West Australian - TUESDAY, MAY 8,2007

mp3 excerpt